Chorister & Family Expectations

The Branch United Youth Choir consists of a treble choir and a chorus for children in grades 2 – 6. As a treble choir, this choir is open to girls and to boys with unchanged voices.

There is no charge to be a member of the BUYC. BUYC is supported by gifts and donations. Funds are raised through donations and fundraisers. Your child is encouraged, but not required to, participate in these.

BUYC reserves right to use photographs, videotapes, or interviews for purposes of the publicity or promotion of BUYC. Some of these may include pictures or videos of the children.

Because all children are not at the same level of maturity and singing/music ability, the Director of the BUYC reserves the right to place children in the particular choir where he believes the child will best fit.

If a child has problems maintaining discipline or becomes disruptive during rehearsals, the Director will ask a parent or guardian to remain in the choir rehearsal. If the child continues to have trouble, the Director will reserve the right to ask the parent to take the child home for the remainder of that practice. In the event that the child continually causes disruptions, the Director will speak with the parents and may ask that the child rejoin the BUYC at a later time when he or she is at a higher level of maturity.