Branch United Youth Choir

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Our Treble Choir is for children in grades 2 through 6 with unchanged voice, regardless of their level of singing ability.

The Lyric Chorus is for our more advanced singers.

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Why Join the Branch United Youth Choir?

I started BUYC because I had a passion for children singing in a healthy way. We offer training in singing so that children will be able to sing high and low comfortably and beautifully. We also offer opportunities for solos so that children gain experience singing by themselves and in groups.

We offer many opportunities for singers to make music. Over the past two years, we have performed with the Branch County Community Chorus, the Kalamazoo Soundbuilders, as well as other local musicians. The BUYC performs two concerts per year (December and May).

We exist to help children become the best singers and musicians they can be! We do this through

• Scientifically Proven Vocal Training
• Age-appropriate Music
• Time-tested Music Reading Curriculum
• Lifelong Friendships
• Enjoyable Music
• Professional Performances

Music helps express what is in the heart. If your child loves to sing, please come join us!

Joel Snyder